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A Makeshift Classroom

All children deserve access to quality education and to child safe spaces. This is especially challenging for refugees that live outside of refugee camps. These urban refugees do not have the same rights as refugees living inside of the camps and they do not have the same rights as citizens living outside of the camp. This gray area could have a devastating affect on children who are left without access to education and the protection that schools provide.

One such community in Uganda has worked tirelessly to build and staff a school that not only provides children with a quality education but also serves as a meeting place for refugee and native community members. The HoPE Primary School began in 2001 by a group of refugee parent teachers who volunteered their days to educate their children, while at night they worked at paid jobs to earn an income and feed their children.

Photo taken by Evan Earwicker

The HoPE Primary School is the only Ugandan school for refugees located outside of a refugee camp. HoPE School is financially supported with contributions from refugee parents and school fees from native Ugandan families. However, these contributions and fees are not enough to adequately pay teacher salaries, so HoPe Primary School relies on volunteer teachers from within and outside of the community. These sources of income are also not enough to fix broken classrooms or to build the additional classrooms that the school needs.

The new classrooms will provide free primary education to vulnerable children including girls, reduce the number of child pregnancies, and provide protection for children during school hours.

To find out more about this remarkable community and how you can help go to: www.ourglobalvictory.com.


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